Building a Magic Culture in Your Organization

building a magic culture dan cockerell lee cockerell disneyAfter 27 years with Disney, including becoming the Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, my son Daniel retired to pursue his own speaking and consulting career.

At Disney, Dan had a wonderful career and a job most people would love to have. Yet, he left to pursue his dream and to be able to help more organizations. Many people would say Dan took a big risk.

As Dan says, “The future is not going to be clear, but you have to move forward with confidence that it is going to work out.” He knew his experience from Disney would allow him to help more people if he struck out on his own.

Now, Dan focuses on helping companies develop a culture that is a positive experience for employees. Culture is like the weather in the way it impacts people. But you have the ability to influence the weather in your kingdom. Come rain or shine, you have to show up as a leader and create the right environment for other people.

Dan has just launched his own podcast, Come Rain or Shine. You can find it on iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Or visit Below you listen to the episode where Dan interviews me for his podcast. You will enjoy it. Dan asks some great questions.