Don't Underestimate Your Influence

influenceThis episode of Creating Disney Magic was recorded live in Orlando during a private mastermind event.

Twelve people joined me and Jody Maberry to spend the day talking about business and creating magic. During our time together, we turned on the microphones and recorded two episodes of the podcast. Participants of the mastermind were able to ask a question.

You can find out more about my live Creating Disney Magic Mastermind events here.

Having the participants of the Mastermind ask me questions live added a fun element to this episode of the show.

Here are some highlights of what we talk about in this episode.

Look for attitude, not skill. Great attitude and passion are the elements of a high potential person. Skill can be taught. 

Do you have the attitude to put up with a guest when they are upset because they have spent too much money, rain has ruined their day, or they are stressed out?

Don’t underestimate the influence you have on people. It matters how you talk to people. It matters what you say to people. It matters if you say “hello”. Be aware of the influence and impact you have on people. 

When I was at Disney, the moment I stepped out of my car I had to be aware of my actions towards other people. It is important to notice people no matter what I may be preoccupied with. 

Plus, I will share with you what I learned during the mastermind event.

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