How to Deal With Gossip

how to deal with gossipGossip can spread through an organization quickly, leaving a wake of confusion, rumors, and hurt feelings.

You must deal with gossip quickly and clearly. But it all begins when you hire someone.

Up front, during the onboarding process, explain gossip is not tolerated. Be clear about what you consider to be gossip and rumors and how you will deal with it.

Don’t let it end there. Continue to discuss gossip and what you expect. You will have to continue to remind people. Raise your expectations, be clear about what you want, and hold employees to your standard.

Gossip is not the only topic we discuss in this episode of Creating Disney Magic. We recorded this episode on Facebook Live with listeners being able to ask questions. It made for another fun episode, and we talk about gossip, how to receive a compliment, working with volunteers and more.