Kidney Needed!

Hello everyone

A good friend of mine and former associate at Marriott and Disney Bruce Skidmore is in need of a kidney transplant. Below is information on how you can help and or spread the word. Like all great things in life, you just never know when someone might step up. Thanks for taking the time to read the note below from Bruce’s wife Grace and sharing it with your contacts….Lee


From Grace Skidmore:

please “like/share/email blast” this link to your friends to help spread the word to save my husband bruce’s life with a new kidney. Bruce needs a O+ blood type match.

UPDATE: Bruce was accepted into the transplant program at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  The living donor coordinator contact is Ms. Kay Kosberg RN and her toll-free number is 1-866-227-1569 if you are willing to be screened. (Their local number is (507-266-7868).

VERY IMPORTANT. Voice contact only must be made with Kay if you are willing to be screened. If you get Kay’s voicemail — please leave a cell phone number if that is the best way for Kay to reach you.

Thank you so much!  Grace & family xoxox 🙂


learn more about organ donation at

grace skidmore

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