40 Minutes A Week

Priscilla and I started working out at Super Slow Zone in January. Today we are both dramatically stronger  from just 40 minutes a week.

The effect is that routine chores like bringing in my 12 foot ladder is easy and so are other physical movements and lifting. Priscilla has had the same great results. I don’t have to carry in all the groceries any longer or her suitcase which is really heavy.

Feeling strong and being strong really increases your feeling of well being and also gets you ready for later years where you will be fit and not fall and break a hip because of not doing weight bearing exercises.

I recommend to all of you to get out to Super Slow Zone so you don’t have regrets down the road.



Steven is our trainer
284 Moore Road
Ocoee, Florida 34761
Telephone: (407) 877-7117

Lees starting weights as of 1/2/10:                                               Now  

Hip Abductor- 100lbs                                                                        155

Leg Press- 225lbs                                                                                 350

Low Back Extension- 95lbs                                                               125

Lat Pull Down- 75lbs                                                                           120

Chest Press- 45lbs                                                                                   75

Abdominals- 75lbs                                                                              100

Priscilla’s Starting Weights- 1/8/10:

Hip Abductor-  65lbs                                                                           115

Leg Press- 125lbs                                                                                   215

Low Back Extension- 55lbs                                                                  95

Lat Pull Down- 40lbs                                                                             70

Chest Press- 20lbs                                                                                  30

Abdominals- 25lbs                                                                                  50

Do today the things that will pay off later in your life….I now have a two pack and heading for a six pack….Lee

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  1. Thank you for sharing your fitness results, Lee. I’ve been doing SuperSlow at SuperSlow Zone in California for several years – I feel younger and stronger every year.

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