A Case Study in Risk

Sometimes it can be frightening to take a risk or to start something new. Sometimes, it can pay off. Today, Sarah and Preston Lowder join us to share their own experience in starting their own business and leaving careers behind.

Sarah and Preston started Lowder Baking Company officially in 2019. Before their official start, they were selling King Cakes during Mardi Gras as a side business. Sarah was a realtor, and Preston was an ICU nurse when they decided to get serious. They started with simple but necessary steps: making a business plan, approaching investors, securing a location, and streamlining their focus.

On their journey, some people thought they were crazy. People wondered what business a realtor and nurse had jumping lanes into baking fresh goods in Shreveport, LA? Rather than listen to those who doubted their endeavor, they focused on what they uniquely possessed from their previous careers to set them apart. Preston used his understanding of micro measurements to influence how they bake, by weighing out their ingredients to ensure quality and consistency. Sarah put her social media skills acquired in real estate to work.

Even with the pandemic, they were not discouraged. They found ways to pivot and meet the needs of their customers and expand their offerings. Now, two years after starting their business, they have won multiple awards, including the best King Cake in Lousianna in 2020.

If you have a dream that you are concerned about taking on, Sarah and Preston have some advice for you. Once you have a plan, commit to going for it. Accept in your mind that you are going all in. Have faith in yourself. You don’t have to have it all figured out, just plan as much as you can. If you treat people right and take your past experiences with you, you will find ways to improve your new endeavor.

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