A Few Things I Want You To Know


First Thing I want you to Know:

• I’d like to recommend a great workshop which is on March 21 and 22, 2013 in beautiful and warm Florida. • This is something you need to get to… • It’s the most important thing you can do because hiring the right people is the most important thing you can do to ensure a great customer experience and a solid bottom line.

I met Carol Quinn a few years ago and became interested in work she was doing around Motivation Based Interviewing vs Behavorial Interviewing. I dedicated a  chapter in my new book, The Customer Rules to her work.

Here is the link to the website page. You can download the detailed 5-page brochure, register and get hotel information all from this page: www.hireauthority.com/go. Carol’s next two day workshop is on March 21-22, 2013

Most organizations are too often hiring the wrong person and this is costing you a fortune in your bottom line and in losing customers to your competitors. Motivation-Based Interviewing will enable you to access each candidate’s level of self-motivation and quickly identify a high achiever.

Second Thing I Want You To Know:

I just returned from Sweden where I did some work for Scandinavia Parks and Resorts. What a great group of people. They are creating magic for their guests in their five them park locations. I stayed in their beautiful hotel overlooking a very frozen and beautiful Baltic Sea.

The third thing I want you to know…..Did you know?

That 65% of Americans have not received any recognition in the workplace in the last year.

That the main reason people leave their job is that they don’t feel appreciated.

Both of these things can be overcome with better leadership….Are you hiring the wrong leaders?

The Fourth thing I want you to know; The three most important things you should be focused on is:

Hire the right people

Train and test the people you hire before you turn them loose on your customers.

Create a culture where everybody matters and they know it.

Have a good weekend….Lee

PS: The Customer Rules can be ordered now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other places books are sold or on my website at: www.LeeCockerell.com and FYI, last week I read the book for Random House Audio Books. Reading out loud is torture but with technology they will make me sound great….Lee


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