A Great Leader Acts Like a Bodyguard

A great leader acts as a bodyguardThis episode was recorded live at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World.

Being back at the Contemporary Resort reminded me of some fun stories from my time as Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World. Including opening the California Grill.

The success of California Grill came from the recipe used to open it. I hired a great chef and a great restaurant manager and let them do their job. And they did a great job.

Chefs are artists. You can’t mess with them. Let them do their work. A happy chef makes great food.

You can use the same formula in any business.

Give people responsibility and authority. And then let them do their job.

Work with the team. Don’t make them work for you. Don’t tell them what to do. Your role as a leader is a bodyguard. Put the right people in the right role and protect them from bureaucracy.