A Little Piece Of Paper

Hello everyone….I hope you had a great weekend. Today’s Lesson in leadership points out how little things matter.

You don’t need fancy thank you cards to thank someone. Just a little piece of paper and some of your best words will do.

A few years ago I made a trip to four colleges/universities in Oklahoma to learn more about the Disney College Program and to help the students, administration, deans, and faculty understand how great this program is for the students.  On this trip, I became the teacher.

To Live, Learn, and Earn at the Walt Disney World® Resort for a semester is an experience that students will look back on as one of the most important experiences of their careers.  It really is too bad if they don’t do it if they have the opportunity to do so.  Having Disney on their resumes will open many big and heavy doors for them in the future.

That is not the story though.

At the University of Central Oklahoma, the President of the University, Roger Webb, teaches a Leadership course to some of the top student leaders.  I told him that this is great leadership in itself.  Without teachers and great role models, none of us would be where we are today.

He allowed me to use his classroom hour the week I was there to talk about leadership and the College Program to this group of students.

After the talk I was standing outside talking to a group of administrators and students, when one of the students who had been in my talk came up and handed me a small torn piece of paper from her lined notebook pad.  I opened it and it said, “Thank you . . . that was great.”  It was signed Heather Dahle.

Now let me tell you this:  I predict that this young woman is going to become a great leader.  She already understands the importance of thanking someone when a person does something for you that you appreciate.

This is the lesson for this week.  I can’t really stop thinking about how thoughtful she was to do that.  It reminded me that you cannot appreciate people too much.  If they are great and you appreciate them, tell them and tell them often.   . . . Lee

PS:  I kept that little piece of paper, and it is still on my desk.

Special Thought for the Day: “Be careful what you put into your mouth and what comes out of your mouth. One is for your health and the other is for your leadership reputation”….Lee

PS: If you have seen the movie,”The Help” you must remember the nine words said to the little girl. Remember to say these to your children.


  1. So right Lee. It’s amazing how important it is for people to have a grateful attitude as it comes out in the little things. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Lee,

    Great point! and I have always share with others when they have done a great job and if be a someone that has inspired me, someone that has opened my mind to something. The point I see is those people step into roles to help, enlighten our lives and if they dont know that they are accomplsihing that how will they know they are meeting their goals.


  3. Lee,

    I know that you personally write many thank you notes and discuss their power in your book.

    For years I have hand written personal thank you notes to each of my students at the conclusion of the course. I send these at my expense to the home address the student has given us in their file.

    Some students have responded to the note — but far from all. That is not my key point here, however. What I find most interesting is the number of parents who write back with thoughts such as:

    My daughter has been a straight ‘A’ student and this is the first time any teacher has ever thanked her for her hard work.

    My son was so excited when he received your note — he really believed professors didn’t care.

    I have asked my daughter to introduce us at graduation so we may thank you for caring about her.


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