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Good morning Everyone

First today I would like to recommend a new book to you that is being published today. The title is: It’s Not Just Who You Know” by Tommy Spaulding. It is on Amazon. Tommy does a  great job of writing about how important relationships are in all parts of one’s life. Tommy suffered from dyslexia but became very successful because he learned how to create great relationships with others. I would also say that his great sense of humor and positive can do attitude  contributed to his success. I hope you enjoy the book. I wrote a recommendation for it. Learn more about Tommy at: www.TommySpaulding.com

Next issue today is that US Air joins the  list of Airlines that don’t get it. I have a 10:20 flight to Charlotte today but arrived early at the airport thirty minutes before the 8:45 US Air flight to Charlotte. I asked if I could take the earlier flight. The attendant said yes but you will have to pay a 50.00 ticket change ticket. I asked her if there were many empty seats and she confirmed that there were plenty but unless I would give them 50.00 I could could not have one of those seats. These airlines CEO’s really don’t get it. I tried to fly Southwest for this trip but they don’t fly to Charlotte. I did make sure that we came home from DC next week on Jet Blue and not US Air. I only fly them when I have to because of schedule.

Loser Leaders of the Week:

Mark Hurd…CEO of HP…..Submitting inaccurate expense reports and a sexual harrassment charge from a contractor.

Rep Charlie Rangel…Not paying taxes and a whole list of other charges. So much for honest government.

Montana Fisburne… For making a porn movies so she could become famous faster. Her father is deeply disappointed. What is she thinking?

This quote says it best…
“A good leader
inspires people to have
confidence in their
leader. A great leader
inspires people to have
confidence in themselves.”

Have a good day everyone……Don’t be an organization that does not get it. Most of these big airlines will be gone in ten years. They will be slowing chipped away at by foreign airlines and start up US airlines like Jet Blue and Southwest.

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  1. Amazing that my latest misadventure with US Air was last night, headed back from Walt Disney World, reading your excellent book. Thanks for writing the book, as well as the blog. Keep ’em coming.

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