Advice on Careers and Promotions

advice on careers and promotionIn this episode of Creating Disney Magic, we answer listener questions about careers and promotions.

How should I dress on my first day at a new job?

Before your first day, you should already have an idea of the culture of the company and the way people dress for work. On your first day, dress slightly better than the usual work appearance. It is better to show up a little overdressed than underdressed.

People do judge you on how you look. Make sure you look professional.

What would you tell an employee who wants a raise beyond the usual annual raise?

The simple answer is to tell them the truth. Often, people want a bigger raise because of the amount of time they have been in their job. But they are in a job that doesn’t pay more than they are earning. Tell them the truth about what it would take to get a job that will pay them more.

During my entire career, I never asked for a raise. I just kept doing my best and kept getting promotions. With each promotion, I made more money. If you become the type of employee your company won’t want to be without, you will always have a better chance for a raise.

What if I am so good at my current job my boss won’t promote me?

You have to have a candid conversation with your supervisor to find out what it will take to move up to the next level. If you are a great performer, having this conversation won’t impact your job. If you are going to raise your performance, you need to know what your supervisor expects.

I used to ask my boss, “Are you telling your boss something about me you are not telling me?” I made it as easy as possible for my boss to tell me how I could do better.

Your job and career have to be good for you, not just for the company.

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