Advice on Writing (podcast)

Creating Disney Magic Lee CockerellAlthough Lee Cockerell is best known for his time with Disney, he is also a great writer. Lee is the author of three books and several hundred blog posts.

In this episode of Creating Disney Magic, Lee answers questions from writers. Lee discusses writing habits, how to deal with writer’s block, how to research for your book and much more.

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  1. This is an excellent podcast! Some years ago, I learned a technique to minimize (not necessarily avoid) writer’s block. As one approaches the end of a writing session (and disciplined writing sessions are a must!), stop writing in the middle of a sentence, especially at a really good part: yes, stop right there. This has the effect of actually making one look forward to begin the writing session the next day, and it minimizes writer’s block because one is constantly thinking about how to end the sentence. Although this hasn’t completely eliminated writing block for me, it has definitely reduced my writing block “episodes” and keeps me disciplined to continue writing the next day. Thanks, Lee, for these podcasts!

    Estherville, Iowa

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