Applying What You Learn to Improve Your Organization

applying what you learn to improve your organizationWhen you learn something new, it is only entertainment if you don’t use it.

On this episode of Creating Disney Magic, Chris Jaskiewicz joins us to explain how he used what he learned to improve his organization.

Chris is the President and CEO of Icon Park in Orlando.

Icon Park was the first attraction in Orlando to open as the city began open again after the Covid-19 lockdown. Chris explains how they used story, not facts, to present the case why Icon was ready to open again.

Chris also explains how he used what he learned from me to improve his organization. With the improvements to Icon Park, they have been acknowledged by Forbes and USA Today.

Whether you learn from me or someone else, you need to find a way to use the new information to improve. Don’t go through the motions and then claim you are better. Apply what you learn and actually get better.

Excellence is state of mind. If you want excellence, you can get it.