The Power of Appreciation

Creating Disney Magic podcast Lee Cockerell Jody MaberryWhen I spoke to the Tennessee Air National Guard, the Colonel surprised me with a challenge coin.

A challenge coin is usually an award for excellence given out by officers in the military.

Over the years, as I have spoken to military units, I have received probably 50 challenge coins. It is an honor to have each one of them, but this coin was different.

When Colonel Smith handed me a challenge coin based on my book, The Customer Rules, I could hardly believe it.

My book is about customer service. These challenge coins will be given out to airmen who show exceptional service to people.

Colonel Smith gave me the honor of handing the coins to the first five recipients.

The value of these coins is much greater than the cost to produce them. The military has figured this out. These challenge coins are a motivator. People are proud to receive these coins. Challenge coins are a unique way to show appreciation and recognition.

What do you do to show appreciation to your employees?

Don’t view tokens of appreciation as an expense. It is an investment in your employees.

Don’t underestimate the value of showing appreciation to your people. Little things become the big things. Most people have not been recognized. If you find a way to show appreciation, with a coin, a pin, or a note, they will take it home and show their family.

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