Are YOU Leading Out Loud?


 I just re-read the book Leading Out Loud. This book was published a few years ago and made quite an impact on me.  The message was clear, and I agree with it fully.


As a leader, you need to have a point of view and give that point of view often to your team and to your children if you any. Do it in front of them, and don’t get into this bad habit of trying to do your communication with e-mail or voice mail only.  People want to hear from their leaders including their parents face to face.

 My whole career I went out and listened  and talked with as many of my associates as I could every week.  This was a priority for my calendar. Nothing replaces face to face honest communication.

  Make sure you are “leading out loud” as well.  

Tonight we have our annual New Year’s Eve Party.  We set our clocks ahead by two hours so at 6:30 pm our clocks read 8:30. We invite everyone to come at 8:30 Cockerell standard time which is really 6:30. We invite them to leave at 12:30 a.m. which is really 10:30 p.m., Cockerell standard time. We are awakened at 12 midnight by the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios.  We quickly go a back to sleep and feel great New Year’s Day morning.

Happy New Year Everyone. Be safe out there tonight…..Lee

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