Are you seen as authentic?

Be authentic…be yourself!


In this day and age, there are many people trying to be someone else.  I think sometimes that people watch too much television and try to take on a role, personality, or behavior that they saw in a movie the night before.  The name of the game to be successful is first and foremost:  be authentic and be yourself.

Try to think every day how you can help others, and think less about how others can help you.

There are so many weird folks running around—what I mean is people who do abnormal things in the workplace.  People who are so focused on getting the attention or credit for something that they become the kind of person who people don’t trust or want to be around.

Being authentic shows that you have good self-esteem and self-confidence and that you are comfortable with who you are.

I am not saying that you should not try to correct any weaknesses that you have when I say just to be yourself.  If you can be better, then for crying out loud do it . . . but don’t try to act like someone else.

The world is crying out for authentic, trustful leadership . . . and it is up to you to deliver it for the sake of  your customers, your fellow team members, and for the good of your business.   . . . Lee

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