Schedule The Priorities In Your Life

The new year is right around the corner which is an excellent time to start getting organized. Everyone is going to have to do more with less next year with this economy we are in.This is the time that you want to have a reputation for being organized and reliable as companies decide who to keep and who to layoff.

If you don’t have a day planner, you need to go right out and get one.  I have been using the Senior-Size Day-Timer® for over 25 years now . . . and yes, I  have a Blackberry as well.

Even if you have an electronic PDA, I think you still need to carry a day planner with you to write things down.  Actually, if you want to learn how to use it, then sign up for a Time management seminar, and  learn how to use a day planner to organize your entire life and not just your work life.

One thing that you will learn, and which can literally save your life, is to schedule your priorities right into your day planner.

If your health, for instance, is a priority in your life, then you will have a daily appointment to go work out at a set time; and you will keep that appointment just as you would any other one.

If your children are a priority in your life, then you will have appointments on certain days of the week that relate to their lives, from visiting their teachers, to going over their homework, to planning and scheduling an outing together on the weekend.

If your finances are important, there will be appointments on your calendar to see a financial planner or visit the credit union for advice.

You will be amazed at how you begin to accomplish things that are your priorities once you put them in your calendar.

In my time management seminar I always ask the question:  “What should you do today that will not pay off for five to forty years from now?”  There are many answers to that question, and I am sure that you can think of many if you just take a few minutes to think about it.  Come to the class, and I will give you a long list of things that if you start them today, then you will have far fewer regrets later in your life.

How many regrets do you want to have in your life anyway?  YOU are the person who has the greatest ability to manage your life and the priorities in your life.

Have a great holiday and a happy and organized New Year….Lee

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