Pay Attention


My suggestion  this week is for all leaders to be paying serious attention to the emotions of your guests, fellow employees, and family.  Be available to listen to their concerns and to give them encouragement.  We are going through very tough times right now with this economic mess we are in.  Things will get better, and these times will pass, but it may be a long haul before we see much improvement.  Criminals always get caught, and bad times always pass.  It has been true for thousands of years and will come to pass again. This is the time to really be paying attention to everyone around you. Right now there are a lot of insecure people out there. Remember that everyone has a problem that you don’t know about. Do you best to talk with them and help them as much as you can. Sometimes just talking about difficult issues is the best medicine….Lee

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  1. I had a couple come in with a 100 dollar ticket. 100 dollars they didn’t have. Just showing them I understood that they were upset made them walk out happier, and at least they got some compassion.

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