Treat Me As An Individual

Treat Me as an Individual

If you are going to be a Great Leader and gain commitment from your direct reports, you have to have a plan on how you are going to accomplish this one.  You have got to figure out how to know each one of your employees on an individual basis and to know what he or she needs to be successful and committed.  You have got to figure out how to make them feel special, and you must show absolute respect for the person each one of them is. 

I know that everyone has lots of things to do every day, but make sure that your daily list includes paying attention to people in your business and personal life.  After all, you are the Leader . . . and it is the Leader who has the most responsibility for creating a healthy environment where our fellow employees can thrive!

Leadership is responsible for creating a healthy environment.  If your environment is not healthy and your fellow employees are not inspired and committed, then it is because of you.  Inspire them by knowing them as individuals, showing respect to them, and by developing them so they can achieve whatever they are capable of!   . . . Lee

  1. For years working at WDW, I found your style of leadership inspiring, refreshing,and something I always intuitively felt was the best way to lead and hold others accountable. Showing interest and respect to the individual always served me well with them and in business results. But what if your own leaders you report do not walk the talk? What can a lower line leader do in this circumstance without risking relationships in either direction?

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