Habits Are Just That . . . Habits!
I read something the other day that said:  “Encourage Your Kid’s Habit.”

It went on to say that kids need something better to do than drugs, like sports, dance, or music, because good things can be habit-forming too!  So get them into a good habit today, or they may get into a very bad one.

Well . . . you know that is good advice for all of us.  We can have good habits or bad habits; and they both take about the same amount of time.  The good ones seem to have a much higher return on the time you invest in them though.

Take a moment and write down in one column what you believe are your good habits, and then write in the other column what you believe to be your bad habits.  This should take only a minute or two.

Now look at that list and ask yourself the following questions:

  •        Why do I continue to do something that is not good for me when right in front of me is a list of things that are good for me?
  •        What kind of habits do you have in the areas of relationships with others?
  •        What kind of habits do you have in regard to your health?
  •        What kind of habits do you have in regard to your personal development for your career?
  •        What kind of habits do you have for preparing for your retirement one day?
  •        Who is the most responsible in your life for your good and bad habits?
  •        Which habits do you really want to change?

Have fun this week thinking about your habits!   . . . Lee


PS: My new book, Creating Magic was published in India on October 14 and is receiving lots of positive press in local publications.

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  1. The people with the best work habits, life habits, always seem to be the luckiest people as well. I think that kind of proves that you make your own luck and good things happen if you practice good habits.

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