Your Biggest Opportunity

Your Biggest Opportunity
I believe that your biggest opportunity is still in making sure that every single employee understands your expectation for his or her role (job).   The biggest opportunity is at the front line where the employee interacts with your customers.

You can see the impact of thoughtful and positive interaction from the letter and comments you receive from your customers.  They are powerful and emotional and are great tools for teaching your team what is important.

It might be easy for front line managers to think that they don’t have time to focus on this or to think that it really would not make that much of a difference.  We all have so much to do that it would be easy to put this part of our responsibility off . . . and just get the things done . . . and not focus on inspiring our employees to be great at interacting with our customers.  Engaging with our customers is different than just being friendly or courteous: 

Engagement means eyeball-to-eyeball contact and an interaction that leaves the customer remembering you fondly

 If you want a committed workforce make sure that you are creating a healthy environment and have strong relationships with each and every person who works with you.

A healthy environment is one where all employees feel special, are treated as individuals, are fully respected, and are being given the opportunity to be developed and educated . . . and where their Leaders have a full understanding of the physical and emotional difficulty of their roles.

If you can do this, then you will have created a healthy environment; and you will have created special relationships with your team—and I assure you that this kind of environment is difficult to walk away from.  When this kind of environment exists, your customers receive awesome attention and service that is individualized and sincere.

You cannot be as great as you should be until each and every employee is on board mentally to provide care and excellence to every single customer.

The main person responsible for creating the kind of environment I am talking about is each one of YOU who are leaders.  The employees being led also have a responsibility to show their leadership by being great leaders within their teams by showing cooperation and by being great followers as well…..Lee

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  1. The last team meeting we had was the first since I have read the book. I don’t look forward to meetings because we just go through the same old motions and never get anything done. This one was different thanks to what I’ve learned in the book.

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