What Is Your Personal Reputation????

What would your team members say about you behind your back regarding your commitment to an inclusive workplace? 

Remember that an inclusive workplace where everyone matters and they know it, leads to a diverse workforce.

  •       Do you show them day in and day out how YOU Respect, Appreciate, and Value Everyone?
  •       Do you talk about it at your meetings with them?
  •       Do you walk the talk in your operation?
  •       Are you available for all of your team members?
  •       Do you know each one of your team members well?
  •       Do you know their career goals?
  •       Do you know about their families?
  •       Do you know how you can help them achieve what they want to achieve?

What is your reputation?   . . . Lee

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  1. My reputation is one of achievement and excellence but I’m sure most of my co-workers would agree I carry a certain swagger. I certainly walk the talk but I’d much rather let my performance do the talking for me.

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