George Bodenheimer Endorsement

Endorsement of Creating Magic…10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies From a Life at Disney by Lee Cockerell

Elegant in its simplicity and practicality, Lee has distilled many powerful leadership strategies into the lessons many of us learned as children.  They are no less relevant to our working lives.  At its core, Creating Magic is a collection of stories that reminds us to demonstrate care and respect for every member of the team and to focus our efforts not our ourselves but on the people we lead.“


George Bodenheimer
Co-Chairman Disney Media Networks,  President ESPN, Inc and ABC Sports

  1. I couldn’t agree more…it is common sense but when someone says it outloud-seems to make it more viable!

  2. George and Lee are two of the leaders I respect the most, and I have had the privilege of working (far) under one of the two of them at all times in my career.

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