Peter Pan Left His Sword At Home

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I received this letter from a guest a few years ago. This is a great example of how to create magic. What little things could you do in your organization to create magic for your guests, patients, passengers or employees? Nothing makes parents happier that their children being happy…..Lee

Dear Lee

My husband, two children, and I have been coming to the Walt Disney World® Resort for a family vacation for the past few years—this year twice.  I just wanted to let the management of the Magic Kingdom® Park know what a wonderful job all of the employees of the Magic Kingdom® Park did during the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  Although there was one particular employee at the Halloween Party that my six-year-old son will always remember. 

At the October 25 Halloween Party my son was dressed as Peter Pan, but he did not have his sword; we had left that back at home in Wisconsin.  I was talking to one of the Magic Kingdom® employees, Jeff Lausple; he said hello to my son (who he called Peter Pan).  My son loved being acknowledged as Peter Pan.  I explained to Jeff that we had left the sword at home because we didn’t have a lot of room to bring everything with us.

Jeff then left for a few minutes; and when he returned, he had brought my son a Peter Pan sword.  My son was so proud of the sword . . . and so happy that this nice man, Jeff,had taken the time to think of him and make him feel so special.

I know in this world that we live in there are so many people that are always ready to write/call and let you know when something has happened where they feel that they were slighted.  I just wanted to let you know that everyone deserves the recognition when he or she has done something out of the kindness of their heart.

Thank you again,

The little things in life are the ones that matter.  Receiving that new sword and being addressed as Peter Pan made this little boy’s day . . . and as his mom says, there is one Cast Member that her son will never forget.  Thank you, Jeff,  for taking the time to do a special Take 5!   . . . Lee

Have a great weekend everyone

 PS: Nice talking with you Stephanie in Hilton Head Island. Thanks for buying more of my books.

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  1. Watching the faces of children who find their dreams coming to life at Walt Disney World is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. This example is typical of Disney cast members, and it is they who bring the magic to life. I hope, Lee, that you will discuss in the near future the importance of cast member contributions, and the important role the old Maine Street Diary played in bringing those magical stories to everyone. Thank you, Lee, for a fantastic publication.

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