Mother Knows

Everyone is different. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Look for the good in people, like every mother does. See my mother’s perspective on her two boys, my brother Jerry and me.

It is true that Lee was born with more self-discipline than a lot of people.  He was always on time to meals, while his brother Jerry was always late.  Jerry happened to be a lot smarter than Lee, and that proves that different people have different talents.

Lee always made his bed; and Jerry did too, but only after I told him ten times.

Lee had more discipline to make his bed and to do his chores than Jerry, but Jerry had more talent in actually doing other things.  Jerry was very good with his hands and could build anything.  Lee could not build anything.  Actually Priscilla, Lee’s wife, gets nervous when she sees Lee getting tools out of the toolbox.

She gets nervous when he takes on any project with his hands.  Lee once spent a year caulking and re-caulking a bathtub because he could not get it on straight; but he did stay at it . . . and that is discipline.

Lee on the other hand is very reliable.  If he says he is going to do something, he will get it done.  It may not be perfect, but it will be done.

If Lee, for instance, expects something done by Friday, he will be looking for you to see if what you agreed on is completed.  He jokes sometimes that if he says he will get back to you by Friday and he does not, you can presume that he is dead.

Anyway, I saw how much more organized, relaxed, and focused Lee became after he implemented the system and techniques he learned at that Time Management class back in 1980.  He even started calling his grandmother and me every Sunday to check in and say hello.  He learned how to think about and balance all of the responsibilities in his life.  He was a little too ambitious to a fault before he got all of this in focus.  I just thought you all might like my point of view on my boys!   . . . Mother

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