Take It To Heart

Stop right now and read the title of this article again….and keep it top of mind…all day long…every day.

I received a letter once from an employee asking me to remind all managers of their  leadership  responsibilities.  She wanted to tell me that she sent an e-mail to a manager asking for some help on an issue she was having and that she received a return e-mail informing her that the e-mail she sent to the manager was deleted without being read.

I don’t know why any leader would not answer an e-mail from a fellow employee.

  • We all have a reputation; and it is, in fact, the most important thing we have.If you don’t have credibility with your team, then you really are not a leader and should not be in a leadership position.
  • Leadership is not a job.  It is a responsibility.
  • Leadership is not 40 hours a week.  It is 168 hours a week.  It is doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, in the way it should be done, whether you like it or not.

These are difficult times we are living in, and you need great leaders in every position to be there for your fellow employees  and your customers.

The letter I received said that many executives and managers are great at follow-up . . . great at communication with fellow employees . . . and wonderful at helping remove barriers and roadblocks.

This is great; but it is not great if you are one of the employees who has a manager who is a non-leader.

Thanks to all of you that find the time to be there for your fellow team members . . . and for you who don’t, please go back and read the title of this article and take it seriously!   . . . Lee

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