The Act Of Controlling Events Is Time Management

Yesterday I delivered my Time Life Management seminar for several members of the management team at Strayer University in Arlington Virginia. They know the importance of controlling events. More at:

Presenting the seminar yesterday reminded me again that it does not really matter how many good ideas you have or how smart you are if you can not implement. Getting vital things done in life is the name of the game. Sure you will have urgent things to do because life springs many urgent things on us and many of them are sprung on us by others who are disorganized and unreliable. We all know who they are. Not having a personal system for staying organized and getting the right things done at the right time is the one single biggest reason that careers don’t meet their potential and the one reason that people end up with many regrets at the end of the lives.

What is your reputation for being able to handle a heavy workload and maintain balance in your whole life. Do you have a planner? Do you do planning time every day? Do you put a priority on every item in your to-do list every day and work on that list when you have discretionary time? What are people saying about you behind your back?

No one cares where you got your degree or what grades you made. They care about the quality of your work and that you are able to be reliable , keep your promises and get everything done on time without constant supervision.

Master time life management and you will master the world. Plan your day like your life depended on it, because in a way it does. Throughout my blog posts over the years I have addressed this subject many times. Have you addressed it or are you still procrastinating  

It appears that most people have all the time they need to do what they want to do but not the time to do what they should do. If you do what you should do when you are young, you can do what you want to do when you are old.

This is not the last time that I will be reminding you of this important subject. Make sure that you have planning time every morning. Plan you life like you plan your vacation and you will have a great time. When you know where you are going it is a whole lot easier to get their. You Day-Timer is the map and will soon become your best friend. Like everything, what you put into it, you get out of it.

Have a good weekend everyone….Lee

PS: The reason Strayer University is so successful is that they understand the importance of training and development for thier management team in the techinal areas and in the areas of managment and leadership.   ( Learn more about Strayer University)

  1. Time management is the most important aspect of any part of your life. Having a daily schedule that progresses to a weekly then monthly then annual schedule is the best way to achieve your goals in a timely manner.

  2. After reading your book and listening to the audio version. I went out and bought a Day Timer and started using it. What a difference it made. I am getting at least 60 to 90 % more done every day. I am 49 and wish I started using it 25 years earlier. You should put out a time management book to help us all become more efficient at using time management

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