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Mr. Cockerell,

I’m sure you get a ton of these e-mails and messages, so I’ll try to get right to my main points.

My family and I are crazy about Disney. We just spent a week at Disney end of May and had an amazing time (kids 4 and 5 yrs old…  simply magical).

Years ago someone gave me a cd of a presentation you did for Disney leaders in 1998. Throughout the years I have picked it up again and again to listen and re-listen.  It’s been very inspiring to me.  Thank you for your great insights and practicality!  I characterize your approach to leadership as “Real Life Leadership.“

Just spent some time in the car yesterday and decided to pick up that cd and listen again, which prompted this e-mail of appreciation.

I am a Pastor in Texas.  Beginning a new ministry here after 10+ years at a Church of 18,000+ in  attendance each weekend, My last 3.5 years on that team I served at Sr. Administrator – my most challenging leadership  assignment yet.  I listened to your cd many times in those 3.5 years and prior.  Many thanks!

God’s best to you and yours.

PS: From Lee…My book is available on a CD and audio download as well as Kindle and hardback. All available form

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