Solid Fuel Makes Them Soar

The shuttle soared into outer space earlier this week. Are your teams being fueled and soaring? More at:

Solid Fuel Propels The  space shuttle…The space shuttle Endeavor blasted off Wednesday evening.

The one thing that we all have in common is that we all like and need recognition, appreciation and encouragement.  I do not care who you are or how big a position you have, you like these three and you like it often. This fuel is named ARE for appreciation, recognition and encouragement and this is a solid fuel as well because it propels human performance and it is free and your tank is always full. It is a good source of a renewable fuel. The more you give out the more others give out and the supply grows and grows and grows.

I can tell you that receiving this free fuel really makes people happy, and so if you have a full tank and can never run out, then why not give it out generously to those who deserve it.

 ARE is the free fuels that make self-esteem, self-confidence, and performance soar. 

So go out among the people of the world and dispense free fuel.  I assure you that there is not a person alive that does not appreciate this fuel.  Give it to them, and then get out your telescope to watch them soar.  We are in an era where people are worried and concerned about the future, and they are constantly afraid of losing their jobs and afraid of many other things that can happen to them in the world.  Knowing this, you must know that a few words of encouragement, appreciation, and recognition can put their minds in a positive place. We all miss many opportunities to do this, and I will tell you that the better you do it the better your results will be.

People work for you at their discretion; and if you make them feel appreciated and special, then they will look after you and the business.  Remember that people will not be committed to you until they are sure that you are committed to them.   . . . Lee

PS: Priscilla is home safe and sound and in great shape. Thanks for all of your nice notes to me this last week. I needed some free fuel and you provided it so I am doing great too. Have a nice weekend.

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