Here is another model to help train your team on how to handle guests and customers who are dissatisfied. More at:


Thank you for sharing your experiences the other day at The Disney University—wonderful and useful information.  One of the items that I took away was the structure—right people—training.  I am a huge advocate of training.  This method falls within that structure.

This is primarily a Front-Line Cast Member concept, “ALL SET.   I effectively use the technique. This was developed out of a few Guest situations that easily could have been avoided by switching my presentation.  As you know, we literally have seconds to turn a Guest dis-satisfier into a Guest satisfier.

A – Ask and apologize.
L – Listen for the answer.
L – Look for the solution.

S – Solve the challenge.  Tell them first what you are going to do.
E – Explain and Educate the “way we do it,” avoiding future Guest satisfaction issues for the same reason.
T – Thank them!

The key is:  Solve before Explain and Educate.  When I tell Guests that we are going to take care of the situation, then begin to explain to them “how it works,” you see their body language change to relax.  They are now willing to listen.

This is something that has proven very useful.  It works, and it’s even fun to watch the Guest’s whole attitude change. 

 It’s Friday: Have a good weekend everyone….Lee


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  1. I use most of your techniques in dealing with my FAMILY–it’s all good though! Same theory should be applied to family that we use when trying to please customers!

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