Does Your Organiztion (people) Perform Like This?

The letter that follows from a Disney guests shows once again that Creating Magic is done by the front line Cast Members. Does your organization execute like this?

I am leaving for Brazil tonight for a four day book tour. My next post will be on Friday. Have a good week….Lee

Dear Mr. Cockerell,

I am halfway through your book, Creating Magic, and feel compelled to write to you about three VERY magical moments from our Disney Experiences.
Our son is now twenty one.  We began visiting Disney World and Disneyland when he was three and have clocked in at least 18 trips as a family of three. Our son has traveled there several times on his own as well.   On our second trip to the Magic Kingdom, our then four year old spilled his drink.  Before any of us could react, a Cast Member  had not only cleaned up but had also replaced the drink.  Needless to say, this mom was convinced.
A few years later, on a family trip with my parents, husband and son, I discovered I had lost my watch at Illuminations.  My husband ran, and I mean ran back to where we had been standing to look for my favorite Seiko watch. It was gone.  My mother recommended that I go to Lost and Found, which we did.  The Cast Member at Epcot, explained what happened to all the lost and found items.  Two days later, we were passing by the Disney World’s  Lost and Found warehouse and my mother cajoled me to go in to try to retrieve my watch.  More to appease my mother than believing my watch would be there I went in.  Needless to say, after answering two or three questions, a very lovely woman disappeared into the carefully catalogued shelves behind the counter area and returned with my watch.  Now I became a true believer.
A few years later, I left my embroidery bag with a partially finished project and other materials in a Disney Resort hotel.  I didn’t realize the problem until I arrived home in Philadelphia.  I figured, well it is DISNEY, what do I have to lose, I will call.  With no ado whatsover, my bag with all my materials arrived at my home in a few days.  Delta Air Lines couldn’t give us a hat we left on the plane fifteen minutes after we had deplaned.  But of course, Delta isn’t Disney. 
We love Disney and everything Disney. I for one, applaud all of your efforts in contributing to Disney Magic.  It is truly a magical experience.  We were scheduled to travel to Disney World in 04 during the big hurricane.  It took some serious work for me to convince my husband and son that we needed to reschedule.  It wasn’t until our nephew who was then a Test Director at Nasa (Kennedy Space Center) , told his uncle, we should reschedule, that we did.  I am glad all fared well and we visited in October that year.
Well back to finish the book. 
Thank you for so many wonderful experiences.
Very truly yours,
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