50 Years to Work After Graduation

Congratulations on your graduation. Now the journey begins.

It’s graduation season and by now most every college and university  has held their graduation ceremonies which is a very happy occasion for the students and for mom and dad. Receiving a college degree is something to really be proud of. It is also something that a very small percentage of the world’s population is able to achieve. Graduates and parents alike move from happy to concerned and stressed out as they read about the poor job market.

One thing for graduates and parents to remember is that there is still 40-50 years of career ahead. While in the short run it may be difficult to find that perfect career that you dreamed of, just remember that you have  plenty of time to achieve your dreams.

Take me for example. I did not even graduate from college so I went into the Army and learned a whole lot. I then took a job as a banquet waiter and did such a good job that I was offered a management training position. The way I did a good job was to be 100% positive and reliable. I did what ever they asked me to do and I did it with a smile on my face even thought I often did not like or enjoy what they asked me to do. As they say in poker, “Never show your cards.”

Over my 41 year career I had 20 promotions, from being a private in the Army to becoming the senior executive for Walt Disney World operations. I was promoted because I never stopped learning and I always had a great attitude and was 100% reliable..

I often get the question from young people, “How can I get ahead?” My answer is simple. “ Be great, be better than everyone else and you will stick out like a bright light. That light at the end of the tunnel is your future.  That is pretty simple, right? But always remember that simple and easy are two different things. It is simple to lose weight but it is not easy. Being great has to be who you are. This must be what people say about you behind your back. So graduates of 2009, go out there and be great and before long you will achieve your dreams. You can create magic too!….Lee

PS: This is the same advice for those that graduated many, many years ago or did not graduate at all. Don’t get bored with the basics in life.

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  1. I like what you said about simple not meaning easy. I never thought of it that way but you are so right. I haven’t graduated yet but I see many years of learning to love what I do ahead of me. Thanks for your post.

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