Be Thoughful and Thankful This Memorial Day

“Have a happy Memorial Day!”….Is happy the right word? Read more or go to

Have a Thoughful Memorial day

“Have a happy Memorial Day!”

Memorial Day is the day we rememberthe sacrifice of those who gave their lives in war. is “happy” the right term?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to shut down the backyard grills and create a day of mourning. None of the people I remember most intensely on Memorial Day would want that.

They’d want to be at parties. They’d want to be with theri loved ones. But that can’t happen.

Instead of a “Happy Memorial Day,” I wish you a “Thoughful Memorial Day.” In the midst of the good times,  take a few moments to think and remember.

Think about those who are gone, the ones we call “absent friends.” Remember good things about them. Remember laughter or a smile or a joyful incident.

Think about those who weren’t killed but still gave their lives for their country. think aobu those who have given up limbs and organs and relationships because they went to serve.

Think about thos who loved them. Think about the families of the dead and the families of those who carry the war in their bodies every day.

Think about the reality of it all. the price of freedom is not just paid in blood. It is paid in limbs and minds and relationships too.

Years ago, I learned ths from an older, wiser vet. To understand it you need to know that th epoint is the most forwrd and most exposed position in a combat patrol. The point is responsible for guiding and warning the patrol and usually take the first fire.

Rule 1: Young men die in war.
Rule 2: There are no exceptions to Rule 1
Rule 3: Somebody has to walk the point.

Someday during the day, offer what I learned to call “The Warrior’s Toast.” It is a toast to “absent friends.”

Thanks you to Three Star Leadership Blog for this Memorial Day thought.


PS: Today is a good day to teach your children why we celebrate Memorial Day. It became a holdiay after the Civil War. And remember that without our military we would not be a democracy for over 200 years…have a thoughtful and thankful Memorial Day…..Lee

  1. I am a United methodist pastor of three small rural churches. I told my congregations that many denominations do not recognize what they call secular holidays. I explained that for me Memorial Day was a High Holy Day. I encouraged them to spend time on Monday remembering those who had sacrificed for our freedom and to not let it pass like just another holiday day off from work. I even had a couple of inserts in the bulletin for them to read on Monday. Your post will be there next year. Thanks

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