Commitment Is A State Of Mind

I can’t make you be committed. I can’t make you give 150 percent. More at: www.LeeCockerell.comCommitment Is a State of Mind

I can’t make you be committed.  I can’t make you give 150 percent effort to your work.  I can’t know exactly how much you are giving and what you have left to give.  I can’t know what is going on in your mind, but . . .

  • I can create the right environment.
  • I can ask your opinion.
  • I can involve you before I make a decision.
  • I can make you feel special.
  • I can treat you as an individual.
  • I can show complete respect for you.
  • I can make you more knowledgeable and develop you.
  • I can show appreciation to you.
  • I can help clear hurdles and barriers for you so that you can do your best work.
  • I can work hard at helping get the organization structure right so it works from your point of view and from your customers’ point of view.
  • If I am your leader I can help you by making sure that we are always hiring and promoting great leaders when there is an opening.
  • I can help you understand how you can make dramatic leaps in customer service and morale when you take on a new position, so that you and the business will be extremely successful.
  • I can help you understand your role and responsibility in implementing effective, structured processes for getting work done.
  • I can help you understand how to explore, probe, and know what is going on in your organization and how to act upon what you learn.
  • I can help you learn how to actively observe and react to the performance of your direct reports and how to take time for recognition, coaching, and counseling.
  • I can assist you in understanding how to expand upon knowledge and how to experience some of the best service available anywhere in the world and how to come back and evaluate your own business.
  • I can help you understand how to partner effectively and successfully with staff and other cross-functional partners as well as your partner in your personal life.
  • I can help you understand your responsibility to demonstrate a passionate, professional commitment to our job.
  • I can make sure that you have opportunities to learn and demonstrate mastery of business fundamentals.
  • If I do these things, the chances of your being totally committed to your work and to your organization are very high.

While I cannot make you be committed, I can use my position and authority to do the right things for YOU—just like YOU can do the same for your fellow team members.

Every day when you arrive at work, think for a minute about all of the things YOU can do to help people be more committed.  Think about how you can create the best environment possible for your team.

Remember that leadership is not a title or a salary grade.  It is all about responsibility, influence, and having the courage to do the right things and getting them done.

I can help you by using my position and authority to make sure that your development and training are one of our primary focuses.  I can do lots of things, just as all leaders can.

The one thing that we all have to remember when we are in a leadership position is that we have to do all of these things consistently.  We have to make them habits.  We have to try 10 times harder because there is a natural tendency for all people to be suspect of people in authority.

Your title and position (management) are intimidating unless you work really hard to convince your team that you are focused on being a great leader for them.  Over time your results will get better in all areas of your business, and people will remember you respectfully.   . . . Lee

PS: Just bought a new Blackberry from Sprint. So far the connection is terrible. I have a lot of difficulty getting a signal at my home which is in a very highly populated area. I will be going to see them today but don’t expect a resolution. Zero bars at home is not a good thing for people who sell cell phones.

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