Keep Trying

No matter how hard it is…keep trying…More at:

Most problems and issues—no matter how hard they seem—are solved if you just try harder . . . and keep trying until you get the result you want.

Is it easy?  NO!  Nothing that is worth anything is easy.  Don’t think about how hard something is.  Worry about your responsibility as a leader in all parts of your life. Responsibility is defined as, “YOUR ability to respond.

One way to get hard things done is to ask others to help you. Just this morning I could not get my computer on line. I asked a friend of mine who was the head of IT for a large company to take a look. He took 30 seconds to plug in a cord that I had not plugged in when I got a new router. There are lots of cords and lots of holes to plug them in so for me it was hard and for him it was easy. Now next time I can do it……Lee

  1. First of all. Thank you for your blog!
    I am a big believer in asking others for help. Whenever I have an issue, I try to gather as much input as I can.
    On the other side of the coin. When I am asked for help, rather than perform the required task myself, I make sure to walk the person through the task. That way they know how to do it, next time.
    The law of abundance is a great thing. Knowledge & information aren’t meant to be held. They are meant to be shared, for the benefit of all!

  2. Lee, this is so true, you hit another one right on the head for me, “No matter what problem, what issue or what type of resistance you face, if you keep on trudging forward, you will eventually breakthrough and get the results you need/want. I think alot of us are usually dishearted in the midst of the storm, and let go for the nearest thing that screams safety, but if we would only continue to tred water, we will make it to the other side of the storm.

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