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A few years ago I had the pleasure to speak to 26 US Army general on the subject of leadership

They held their leadership conference at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort.  The resort did a perfect job for them.

They were an impressive group to be sure.  They are most passionate about what they do, and they clearly understand the responsibility of leadership.

They all have a clear vision of what they do . . . and where the Army needs to go . . . and they all understand their purpose and role.

I told them that I cannot think of a greater purpose than protecting the freedom of America.

They have many of the same issues we do.  They have to worry about recruitment, selection, training, retention, development, professionalism, and all of the other worries and responsibilities that leaders have 24 hours a day—including budgets.

I received some nice notes from them when they returned home, and I want to share a few things that they said to me.

  •      “It was truly extraordinary at Disney.  Your team does a great job.”
  •      “The support you and your team gave us was first class and truly met the Disney standard. You all certainly impressed a large number of Army generals.”
  •      “I appreciate the work you all do with the United Way.  Here in the military we support the United Way.”
  •      “The way we think about training in the Army is train to win!”
  •      “Everything was first class at Disney.  The idea of ‘this is Disney’ comes across in all aspects of the operation—first-class facilities, great food, great service . . . a wonderful experience.”
  •      “My command philosophy is simple:
  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Train your soldiers the way you’d want your children trained if you knew they were going to war.
  3. Maintain your unit’s equipment the way you’d want your personal belongings maintained.
  4. Lead the way you want to be led.
  5. Follow the way you want to be followed.”

There are some great compliments here for Disney and some great lessons for all of us.

I told this group of Army officers how proud we are of all of them and the great job they do in protecting the freedom of all Americans.

It was a great week for them and for us . . . and by the way, they will be back!   . . . Lee

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