What You Do Is What Counts

What you do it what makes you who you are. Your title means nothing if the long run. More at my leadership website: www.LeeCockerell.com

I had an interesting Cross-U experience in the Magic Kingdom® Park during the holidays a few years ago.  I was assigned to the hot dog wagon in Liberty Square.  I really enjoyed my time there with two Cast Members who did a wonderful job.

About three hours into my shift, the lady I was working with said to me, “I just found out who you are.”  I said, “Really.  Who am I?”  She said, “You are the man that writes The Main Street Diary.” ( a weekly paper I published for all Cast Members at Disney)

I thought that she was about to say that I was the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World® Operations.  It really is true that people recognize what you do versus who you are.  I like that!  Who you are or what your title is really does not matter much if you don’t do the right things for people.

As I was leaving my shift, another Cast Member called out to me and said, “Lee, our manager says that it is mandatory that we read The Main Street Diary; and I want you to know that I would read it anyway.”

So, as a leader: 

  • What are you known for? 
  • What do you do that impresses people? 
  • Are you a great teacher? 
  • Are you really known for involving others? 
  • Are you really known for giving people excellent feedback and coaching and counseling?
  • Are you known for showing respect to everybody?
  • Are you known for being honest?
  • Are you known for making tough decisions?
  • Are you known for being a caring leader?

 . . .  so it is pretty clear that Who You Are is Really What You Do!   . . . Lee

  1. Hello Lee,
    I came across your blog and I have to share. For years under your leadership I would also read Lee

  2. You got personal, you opened up your life and let us see in. You shared your mothers advise and gave us leaders purpose and direction. You shared the guest letters and inspired us to do good and make a difference in people

  3. I only wish the leaders of so many more companies would catch the vision that you had/have and the importance of leadership, of leading by example and valuing the individual. Companies and the USA would be in a totally different situation today if that were the case. You

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