Effective Leaders

Effective leaders do many things.

Effective Leaders Do Many Things

  1. ___ Share their vision and belief in their organizations culture.
  2. ___ Share their enthusiasm and pride in their organization with their team .
  3. ___ Energize others with their excitement for excellent performance.
  4.  ___ Display decisiveness and a sense of urgency in achieving goals and objectives.
  5. ___ Encourage creativity and risk-taking.
  6. ___ Promote teamwork to accomplish their business objectives.
  7. ___ Set challenging goals that are realistic, clear, and measurable.
  8. ___ Hold themselves and other team members accountable for their performance.
  9. ___ Unleash the potential of each employee by providing developmental opportunities.
  10. ___ Listen intently to diverse opinions.
  11. ___ Communicate honestly and frequently, soliciting feedback and suggestions from team members at all levels of the organization.
  12. ___ Interject a sense of humor, fun, and enjoyment in their work.
  13. ___ Set the stage and work with others to produce the show.
  14. ___ Celebrate the victories.

If you do these things your results in all areas will rise…..Lee

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