Be a Leader at Home and Work

be a leader at home and workToday we are celebrating our countdown to 400 episodes! This is episode 398, and Jody and I are talking about a topic that means a lot to me personally.

People often talk about work-life balance. What they don’t realize is work-life balance is an artificial barrier. You have one life, and you have to get it all in. Every area impacts and affects the others, so it doesn’t do any good to try and separate them. Sometimes you have to take home to work. Sometimes you have to take work home.

It’s not enough to focus on one or the other. Focus on good time management and quit wasting time. Know when to stop taking stuff on. Prioritize what is important and then schedule it to make sure it happens. It isn’t hard to learn. Study it, read it, and implement it. A new habit can take a while, but stay with it, and you will see improvement.

As far as wellness at work is concerned, leaders need to set the example and provide the space and accountability employees need to take care of themselves. Encourage your team to prioritize their health and set the example yourself.

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