Be a Role Model for the Culture You Want

Creating Disney Magic Episode 431 Be a Role Model for the Culture You WantOne of the best ways to retain high performers is to be a role model for the culture you want. Today, Jody and I answer the question, “What is a good way to refine culture to retain high performers when you are a small business?”

This question has a simple answer. Be a great role model. As a leader, you need to live the culture you want to see every day. Leaders that embody the culture create an environment where employees want to take care of the customer.

Company culture is the number one reason people leave a job; pay is number 16. That says a lot. People want to work somewhere where the culture is genuine, top to bottom. There is a saying that people quit a year before they leave. As a leader, you are the foundation on which culture is built.

It is similar to parenting. Good parents raise good kids. Parents that model how to be kind and compassionate raise kids that are kind and compassionate. It is the same with a leader in a company. More is caught than taught, so set an example for your employees. Be clear and consistent. You are the role model for the culture you want.

Take care of your team, and they will take care of the customer. When you foster an environment of care and customer service, that is what is carried out by your team. Take responsibility, set the standard, and watch what happens.

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