Be Patient for Your Next Promotion

Creating Disney Magic Episode 420 Be Patient for your Next PromotionThis week Jody and I build on a recent LinkedIn post by Steve Ross. Steve referenced a previous Creating Disney Magic episode where we discussed the three P’s of getting a promotion. Steve brought up a great point. There is another P needed for the equation: Patience.

The 3 Ps of Getting a Promotion covered the importance of persistence, passion, and people. As Steve pointed out, patience is also vital in moving forward. Some circumstances require patience. Maybe it isn’t the right time, and if you are patient, you may still get the promotion you are looking for.

Patience and persistence go together. If you like where you are and know where you want to go, hang in there. Over time, you will find a path for the promotion you are looking for. You can’t just wait around; you need to start doing things to improve yourself, so people have no reason to say no when the time comes. People want things now, but the more experience and exposure you have, the more authority you possess to hold it once you get it.

Everything in life, whether working out, being a parent, or even battling traffic, requires patience and persistence. Persistence asks what it will take and then puts in the work to get it. Patience keeps you anchored and rooted while you work towards your goal.

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3 P’s of Getting a Promotion

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