New Blog Post….Hi Everyone. Below is an interview I did while in London to promote my new book, The Customer Rules.




Being a manager is a big responsibility, and it is really big if you have direct reports.  The minute you have direct reports, the job of management becomes a leadership role.   What you do or don’t do has a tremendous impact on people’s lives who are depending on you.   If you take the time to:          Find out how you can help your direct reports reach their goals,

Take the time to listen to them,

Involve them,

Ask their opinion,

Show complete respect for them, and

Make them more knowledgeable

. . . then you will long be remembered as a great leader  . . . and years later you will hear from someone whom you helped out years before . . . and they will be calling to say thank you.   This call will make you feel good, and you will appreciate it.  The job of leaders is to produce more leaders.  Make sure that you understand this concept very well, or you could be responsible for someone’s not reaching his or her maximum potential in life, and that would be a shame.   Be a leader who encourages people to try . . . and a leader who helps them the best that you can to help them get where they want to go.  You have the authority to help others, and you have the positions to do it!  So make sure that you are using your authority and position to do great things!   . . . Lee


  1. Thanks for this one Lee. Just reached out to an old leader and thanked them for the guidance and influence. Made a commitment to be the same kind of leader.

  2. Hi Lee, thanks for the post. I like the quote… “the job of leaders is to produce more leaders”… well said and timely reminder.

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