Building Credibility

Creating Disney Magic Ep 487 Building Credibility

“Make sure you reach and research a subject to understand it. Become an expert, and you’ll probably come off as an expert.”

It is important to compose yourself as your work on building credibility, especially when you have limited experience in a new management role.  This is especially true if you want to nail your executive presence and create credibility in front of your leaders. Collect information and ideas from others, practice speaking up, and be fearless in presenting new concepts to executives. Continuous learning and preparation are the easiest way to build credibility.

Enhancing your executive presence is about conveying confidence in your ideas, knowledge, and abilities. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts in meetings. Your expertise will shine through. Just remember that building credibility in a new management role takes time and effort. Immerse yourself in the company’s values and products, gather insights from experienced colleagues, and always be prepared to discuss customer service and training programs.

Don’t let intimidation hold you back. Create an open and supportive environment where all ideas are welcome. Your organizational success is dependant on creating a circular team dynamic where expertise surrounds and supports you. This concept is focused on the idea of leaders being surrounded by experts, rather than being at the top of the traditional hierarchy. Implementing this approach creates a supportive culture that values diversity of thought. Even if you are new in a role, you can help create an environment that celebrates continuous improvement and collaboration.

Knowledge is power. Strive to become an expert in your field by staying informed, learning from others, and continuously expanding your understanding of leadership, management, and customer service. Confidence comes from expertise.

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Key Moments

02:10 Research and collect input from others.

04:54 Organize knowledge and gain confidence to share your ideas.

08:31 Speak up to share your ideas and opinions.

10:09 Companies need experts for informed decision-making.