Building Resilience to Deal with Tough Times

In the current climate of the world, we could all use a good story about overcoming tough times. Killiam Hemmy is on the show today to share his own story of resilience.

Killian joined the military right before 9/11 and quickly found himself in Afghanistan. He went back time and again, both in the military and working for the FBI. One morning, he went out for a run and suddenly collapsed. He went into cardiac arrest, which he later found out was caused by a rare genetic condition.

This diagnosis plunged Killian into a deep depression. He had no motivation even to get out of the house.

He went from being an extremely athletic, fit, and capable man to feeling like everything had crumbled down around him.

So, he started to look at how to build his resilience back up. He went back to the basics of his days in the military. He broke everything down to their basest level. Seeing things from a step-by-step perspective helped him build back his internal resiliency.

Killian now helps other people to keep looking at where they’re going but to also have a laser focus on the first, second, and third steps they have to take to get there.

I took a similar step-by-step approach to my own experience with depression without even knowing it. It helped me rise up and see past my circumstances.

Being the kind of leader who reveals their own fallibility has incredible power. When people see this, they trust you more. They feel like they can go to you.

So, don’t be afraid to show your weakness. Take the time to make your people realize you’re with them through thick and thin. You’ll secure that relationship and their loyalty for life.

To hear more tips for building resiliency, tune in to this episode. If you want to connect with Killian further, you can find him on Twitter.