Call People Out for Doing Good Work

This year, I was honored to attend the Elevate Prize Conference in South Beach. If you are not familiar with it, the Elevate Prize is awarded by The Elevate Prize Foundation to ten or more global leaders who are tackling pressing issues in innovative ways. The foundation also sponsors the Elevate Prize Catalyst Award and the Elevate Giving Program.

While attending the conference, I encountered many individuals who are making a difference in the world. From a woman helping to get bili lights to help treat jaundiced babies in impoverished countries to a gentleman helping to translate global literature into Arabic, amazing people are doing amazing things.

How can we help to get the word out about what is being done? Maybe you aren’t in contact with global initiatives. Chances are, you are closer than you think to someone who is using their time, resources, and energy to make a difference in your community. Pay attention to the news, ask around. The biggest way you can help them out is to spread the word about them. Call people and organizations out that are doing good things where you live. Real people do great work every day and need the exposure you can give to help them make a difference.

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Elevate – An Essential Guide to Life by Joseph Deitch