Can You Enforce Rules and Still Give a Great Experience?

customer experience and rulesIs it possible to enforce rules and guidelines and still focus on delivering an excellent customer experience?

At Disney, we are clear to cast members about the responsibility to enforce rules and be polite at the same time.

No matter what rule or policy you have, there will be someone who does not like it.

Always remain polite and courteous and explain why the policy is in place. And be consistent about enforcing the policy.

You probably already know the 5 or 6 policies you have in place a customer might complain about. Train employees on how to answer and handle those complaints. Don’t wait for people to complain before you help employees. Be proactive.

You can also find ways to serve the customer while enforcing a policy. When you visit DisneyWorld, we provide lockers so a guest can put something away if they are not allowed to bring it into the park.