Creating Magic Mastermind Recap

Creating Disney Magic Episode 448 Creating Magic Mastermind RecapToday, Jody and I recap our most recent Creating Magic Mastermind hosted at the Element Hotel Sky Lounge at Icon Park in Orlando Florida. So far, this was our best mastermind event to date.

We were honored to have Karl Holz as our guest speaker. Karl and I go way back. Not only has he held many prestigious roles at Disney, I hired him, and it was the best hire I ever made.

One of the big takeaways from Karl’s sharing was the importance of never letting your team see you depressed. It may be unrelated to work, but people are watching you, and how you carry yourself communicates security to them. If you do something, be the best you can be at it.

Don’t be afraid to hold out for the right hire. Karl was the 14th person interviewed for his position at Disney, and it was worth the wait.

Another takeaway that became evident from the mastermind is that you never know when the light will come on for someone. You share and put yourself out there, and you never know what interaction or message will be the one to make it click for someone else. Continually learning is key to improvement. Invest in yourself and others. Read, listen to podcasts, and get around the right people. You separate yourself through how you carry yourself and work with others. Maintaining a professional manner and persona will help make room for promotion and advancement.

Every mastermind is wonderful. It is amazing how problems and situations get worked out once you have a room full of varied experiences and differing perspectives. This event was no exception.

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