Creating Magic Masterminds

Creating Magic Masterminds have become the most rewarding events I do all year long.

This fall, there are 2 changes to join me for small, private, one-day Creating Magic Mastermind events. First in Nashville on October 5th and then in Boston on October 24th.

In Nashville, I am partnering with Lipscomb University to do a public event on October 4th. Followed on October 5th with a small mastermind event. Click here for more information and to get tickets for either event.

Whether you join me in Nashville or Boston, we will have the opportunity to spend the day talking about your business or career. In this small group setting, everyone will get time to discuss a challenge or opportunity. You will get face to face time with me. But you will also be in a room of like-minded people who can offer input from their knowledge and experience, too.

Usually, if you get the chance to see me live, I am on a stage speaking to a crowd. These events are different. These mastermind style events are a small group of us together talking about challenges and opportunities in business and life. We will create magic together.

This is why I say it is a Mastermind style event. No presentations. No agenda. Just us, together, talking about specific situations in your business or career.

People who have attended a Creating Magic Mastermind in the past have come to the event to spend time with me. But the real magic is found in the other people in the room. Being in a room with other people and hearing different points of view will change the way you view your challenges.

It can be hard for busy people to participate in events like this. You have so much to do and it is hard to break away. But if you get out of your routine and join me to learn something new, it will send ripples through your personal and professional life. You will learn something new, yes, but you will also leave thinking differently.

You can find more details about the Nashville events and register Here. The date is October 5th.

You can find more details about the Boston event and register Here. The date is October 24th.

There is also a Creating Magic Mastermind event in London, UK on November 12th. Click here for more details and to register.

We will spend the day together talking business and creating magic. We will do lunch together as a group. In addition to the event, you will get access to some additional content before we meet which will enhance our discussion while we are together.

You can create magic, too.