Creative Ways to Find and Hire the Right People

When you are searching for people to add to your staff, you have to have a wide approach.

Don’t just post a job opening and hope the right person applies.

Finding the right person starts long before you have a job opening. Having the right contacts and relationships with a wide variety of people can lead you to the right person, so it is a good idea to meet people across different industries and professions.

At Disney World, we would carry a card to give to people we think would be a good fit at Disney.

Focus on getting well known in your community. Have a good relationship with high schools and colleges.

One of the best sources of new employees is right in front of you. Good people bring good people into the organization. If you have good employees already, turn to them to get referrals.

When it comes to hiring the right people, create obstacles in your interview process. Never judge the size of the obstacle. Consider their thinking process and the motivation behind their actions. Carol Quinn is the authority when it comes to hiring. Check out her book Don’t Hire Anyone Without Me.

You may also consider including a scenario or a task in the interview process. For example, you may want to have a chef make a hamburger as part of the interview process.

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