Dealing With Criticism

Creating Disney Magic podcast Lee Cockerell Jody MaberryHow do you handle criticism?

Criticism can be hard to take. Personally, I used to feel stung when someone criticized me, even if they were trying to help.

When you make a mistake or receive criticism, the only way to handle it is to focus on being great. Get back in favor by letting people see you have a great attitude and you have learned a lesson.

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  1. Taking the question of criticism in this podcast to a little different direction. What if you, the employee, are doing your job well and really do care about doing it to the best of your ability and your leader or manager is criticizing you because they are being pressured from above them to meet the financial goals as THE priority. They, the leader/manager have lost the motivation or “magic” of their job because the focus on numbers has become the priority and not serving the customer at the highest level possible which should produce the numbers.

    This criticism has the opposite of the misguided intended effect on the employee. How does an employee in this situation not become jaded and and lose their “magic” which will, ultimately, affect their level of service, the guests they are serving and have a negative impact on the numbers? If they have tried to talk to their manager and know their manager is not interested in suggestions for improvement do they go around or above them to the next level to express their concerns along with suggestions for improvement?

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